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improving the lives of women and children in Africa through opportunity and education


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YOU can help us!   The Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation (NECF), through its network of global donors, is helping to impact the lives of African women and children. The Foundation was inspired by Nancy Ellen Crooks’ passion to help the women and children of Africa, particularly in Kenya. 

Nancy passed on in 2009 after dedicating over 40 years of her life to her personal mission to alleviate pain and suffering and, through education, to improve the lives of those less fortunate than herself. Decades of living in Kenya exposed Nancy to the unique variety of hardships and shortfalls of basic human existence on the African continent. To read more about Nancy, go to theMeet Nancypage.

To continue this mission, a group of family and friends started the Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation in 2009 to carry on her legacy. To know more about the people who drive this Foundation go to Meet Our Board page.

Currently the Foundation is focusing on two main areas within Kenya: education in rural areas and reducing the burden of impoverished women and girls.

Rural Education Related Projects

Have you ever tried to read a book in the dark?  As a child did you ever do your homework without light?  The answer is more than likely “NO”! 

In Kenya, it is estimated that roughly 3 million children try to complete their homework at night by the cooking fire or by a kerosene lantern. This is because only 15% of the population is hooked up to the national electricity grid. Living near the equator, with roughly 12 hours of natural light all year round, homework is usually done after all the chores are done and the sun has set.  Imagine all those squinting eyes and harmful fumes inhaled as a result. 

The NECF helps children in rural communities complete their homework in a safer and cleaner environment through providing affordable solar lanterns. It’s amazing what a child can achieve when having the proper tools. Want to learn more?  Go toOur Projectspage to see how you can help us impact more children’s lives.

Reducing the Burden of Women and Children

Remember those occasional camping trips where you cooked all your meals on a campfire but first had to collect wood or you went hungry?  It may have been fun doing that for a day or two, but imagine doing that every day of the year for every meal. Also think of all the time that would involve.

The burden of collecting firewood for the cooking fire in the vast majority of cases lies with the women and the girl child in Africa. As a result, the girl child is often out collecting firewood while the boy child does his homework or plays sports with his friends. This hampers the emotional and physical development of the girl child, not to mention the negative impact it has on our environment, as trees are chopped down to make charcoal. 

The NECF aims to provide a better cooking method to these families through solar cookers. By changing the cooking methods, women and children are less subjected to the physical harm caused by carrying great loads of wood day after day, year after year, and traveling farther and farther from home in insecure areas as the wood supply slowly but surely vanishes. Want to learn more?  Go to Our Projectspage to see how you can help us impact more women and children’s lives as well as help save our environment. 


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